International Treasures are Go

We have a fairly robust culture of good-natured, in-house teasing at JRS – though Steve tends to get it worst, him being a Pearly King and all. (The latest Cornish fish catch and Helen’s new pantomime adventure are a bit more esoteric to include here)

Friend of this site and former Director of the CLSA, Rodney Warren, once joked about me being a “national treasure” in the earshot of a colleague and that has never gone away. It has now crossed over to my friends hence I get texts like;

“Thought you were going to be on Saturday Kitchen but it turns out the National Treasure involved is Mary Berry – though she’s not as grey and wrinkly as you”

Yesterday brought great news of the conclusion of our first overseas Lexcel project, upon which we will expand in the New Year. This is the handiwork of Andy and Dean and is an event of some significance. We are all delighted and I have now been gazumped as we now have 2 International Treasures.

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