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I have just run through the LAA Online Training surrounding the next round of “transformation”, due on 27th January. I particularly liked this in the preamble;

“In our view, the training does not have sufficient educational content to warrant formal accreditation”.

Indeed this is the case as all it involves is further communication of the planned reductions in scope (civil) and the tightening of means testing (crime).

The one benefit of this decision is that you do not have to undergo a multiple-choice quiz at the end of the course to achieve your 0.3 of a CPD point. The case for non-accreditation is also made when you consider what such a quiz might ask.

Does “Transformation of Legal Aid” mean:

a) Modernising, but protecting, this 64-year old cornerstone of the Welfare State

b) Removing wasteful expenditure at a time of austerity

c) The complacent, ongoing removal of access to justice to all but the wealthy

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