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This LAA news story really is one of those “just where do you start” moments.

Perhaps the first is to ask why, and why now, has the LAA decided to proffer advice on how you record your files. It wasn’t even keen on doing this at the height of voluntary franchising, when most anxious to “help” the profession.

Another single word question – who? Just who at the LAA/MoJ is appropriately qualified to provide such advice? The same people who believed Police Station advice to be means tested or who don’t understand the schemes differential rates?

How about what? Have a look at their list of 11 essential items. This “minimum” excludes at least one item LAA auditors regard as mandatory. Indeed so essential that they have written Contract Notices against its omission from files. I might include this webpage in my representations.

Are they, in effect, encouraging you to commit a breach of contract? Crimeline think so.

If you follow the links to their conclusion you end up looking at the PDS Police Station pro forma. And here might be the issue, is this a belated attempt to justify that organisations “best practice” mission?


Click on the link above. That’s right it has gone, disappeared, vanished, been taken down…….

I detect the hand of Mr Keogh here.

If so they might want to revisit the 2, Category 4, Below Competent, Peer Review results to which use of this form* was a significant, contributory factor.

*or one based upon it

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