Journey to the Centre of the E-Portal 

The Mental Health and Community Care tenders will open on 20th February and run for a month. If you wish to renew or gain one of these contracts you will need bid in that window. To date only limited information is available and it seems that the most important document the Information for Applicants (IFA) […]

PoPping Corks 

CLA 56 is a Point of Principle (PoP) which summarises the LAAs powers when a firm has exercised “devolved powers” – now called delegated functions. Here it is; At all times where a supplier exercises devolved powers to provide advice assistance or representation, it is only open to the LSC assessor and/or ICA to reject […]


You know all those songs written about Mondays? Never have a good word for it do they? Today I can see why. With a good number of my colleagues off sick, my phone is going to be, indeed already is, very busy.