Three Minute Hero? 

Three minutes. That’s how long it took to take a Cost Judge through all the salient points regarding an LAA refusal of a £12K Crown Court Litigators Fee claim. A minute of that, or perhaps 30 seconds, was dealing with costs – all of which will now fall to be paid out of the hard […]

The Old & The Young 

Fate has conspired to enable 3 of us to meet and plan our international marketing campaign (no really) on the same night Midlake are in Manchester. If we get finished in time we might go and here stuff like this;


I am deeply conflicted about oral hearings for Legal Aid costs appeals. I think they are absolutely necessary however I have a deep and longstanding dislike of doing them. Their value was hammered home at the end of last year when the first one we have done since 2005 proved successful. You have a contractual […]