I missed this on Saturday. You only need to read the last 2 paragraphs though it’s worth reading the whole thing. On a second thought you don’t even need to read them, as it is wholly and depressingly predictable. Experts questioned whether the measures would save money. They believed the ministry had failed to appreciate […]

International Lexcellence 

We have been sitting on this for a little while now. We are delighted to announce that the in-house legal team at Dubai’s largest telecommunications firm have become the first ever recipient of Lexcel in the UEA. This is some achievement not least because in-house departments and Lexcel are not quite a snug fit. Why […]

Polite Observation 

It is not really for me to comment on the decisions of the Criminal Bar. Their internal debate has already begun. If this decision is based on the dual hope of a change of government after the next election to one which will pledge to reverse legal aid cuts, is strikes me as both over […]

Libraries Gave us Power 

Please indulge me. Today is quite a big day in my household as it marks Mrs SP leaving work. Last night I spent a lovely evening in the company of fantastic, committed and hardworking people grafting at the frontline of service provision to the most needy. Sorry let me rephrase that, public sector do-gooders and […]

Anyone Got A Name for This Type of Thing? 

To all reasonable people this article is sad news. That it was avoidable makes it much worse. There are many things about the application of the LAA “policy” on novation I would like to, but cannot, say. What I will say is that their most recently published version* says noting close to: ‘Our policy is […]

This Page is Left Deliberately Blank 

And so it is. The page in question being the section of Draft 2014 Civil Contract which covers applications for Points of Principle in a cost appeal. So get an Assessor determination you feel is fundamentally flawed, as many are, and all you have left is JR. In 2014 LAA world you therefore get: ridiculous […]

And Relax 

Well that’s another bid round over. What have we learned? Could start late You may not be told of key requirements until the day it opens Possibly contains negative, and counter intuitive contract changes The level of sophistication required for a delivery plan might be much lower than anticipated In the final analysis you could […]

Town Called Malice 

David Cameron famously misinterpreted the meaning of The Jams “Eton Rifles”. It now seems that this weeks bingo budget might have been influenced by another of their hits, in an attempt to resolve the “cut down on beer or the kids new gear” paradox. There really can only be one Friday song this week. Off […]

Grayling Kills Costello 

I have never watched Silk I have however loved watching tweeting lawyers getting wound up by it. I was aware that the star who plays Martha Costello turned up on the recent day of action. She was also on BBC news this morning where the director (I think) twice said with some passion that a […]

Bidding on my Mind 

Had a busy morning followed by a long drive south yesterday and could not make time for a blog post. The current Mental Health bid round and the proposals for crime are pretty central to my working world at the moment. One involves live practical activity with a deadline next Tuesday the other a wide […]