Libraries Gave us Power

Please indulge me.

Today is quite a big day in my household as it marks Mrs SP leaving work. Last night I spent a lovely evening in the company of fantastic, committed and hardworking people grafting at the frontline of service provision to the most needy. Sorry let me rephrase that, public sector do-gooders and parasites, pandering to the workshy and shiftless. The best quite of the night was undoubtedly “She is the best boss ever , but I would not want to be married to her”.

We have watched as her role moved from regeneration into the management of degeneration. We have ceaselessly teased her as, in the chaos that is modern local government, she acquired new completely unconnected responsibilities; chief librarian, head parkie and latterly crematoria – we have one of the busiest in Europe in town apparently.

Tonight, to avoid her having to get my tea on the table, we are off to see the ever wonderful Manics in Leeds. This then offers perfect synchronicity with the rear-guard actions she took to try and protect vital Middlesbrough services.

Happy “retirement” love.


They are on the form of their life

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