This Page is Left Deliberately Blank

And so it is. The page in question being the section of Draft 2014 Civil Contract which covers applications for Points of Principle in a cost appeal.

So get an Assessor determination you feel is fundamentally flawed, as many are, and all you have left is JR.

In 2014 LAA world you therefore get:

ridiculous costs decisions
made by people with no real understanding of Contract
who have never had to defend a determination at an oral hearing
chucked into the lottery which is the opaque, unaccountable, ICA appeals procedure
on a lets see what we can get away with basis

A process which demonstrates fully their commitment to their much vaunted Civil Service Values

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One comment on “This Page is Left Deliberately Blank

  • Maybe it’s blank because it’s now classified as Top Secret and if you found out the details, Matthew Coats would have to issue a contract for your termination.

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