Cedar Road 

Sorry we have missed a few weeks of Friday Song due to holidays and now the e-portal. Here is something from First Aid Kit’s forthcoming new album, faultless as ever not least the steel guitar.

Own Client Bids Top Tips 

You do NOT have to complete the VHCC PQQ as an element of your Own Client Contract bid.   There is NO ITT – this is a single stage PQQ – yes really!   You click on “Edit Response” on the right of the PQQ in order to type in your response.   The question, […]

Duty Contracts 

A potential client rang me yesterday, keen to instruct us, if for no other reason than “everyone else in the area has already got a consultant”. If that is true I do not know who these consultants are – they are certainly not any of the names you would normally associate with Legal Aid*. I […]