PDS: Value for Money?

I think the projected difference between the instruction of a self-employed Barrister and the employment of one by the state is greater than that suggested by the South East Circuit. I might be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time, won’t be the last. Either way the MoJ looks keen to keep going with its £30K a head more expensive PDS recruitment drive.

This “nationalisation” of advocates is not, however, a considered response to the continued failures of the MoJ in procuring services from the private sector. Almost everywhere else, translation, probation and prisons, they remain ideologically committed to the constant repetition of the same mistakes.

That is not the schemes only inherent contradiction. One imagines they have had to ask themselves the question; “when is a Fat Cat lawyer NOT a Fat Cat lawyer?”. Presumably when they become superannuated civil servants on salaries about the same as a minister. (And significantly beyond the £100k per year fat cat threshold).

One may well wonder why, at a time of austerity, the MoJ is developing an option for VHCCs some 20% more expensive that that they inherited. I am sure hardworking, tax-paying families will.

For the MoJ though this is an evil, necessary to win the frontline battle of its current dispute with the Criminal Bar. This is not one of the major, staged, industrial disputes of the past but remains an encounter they are determined to win. In that context a bit of short term expenditure on “strike breaking” makes sense in the longer term. Putting a few QCs on the payroll for a while is not really the same as prolonging the closure of a handful of Nottinghamshire collieries. Neither will the outcome be the same; whilst the UK coal industry ultimately died some form of criminal “justice” system will undoubtedly limp on.

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  • Its worth just putting PDS in the search bar of the LAA business plan and look at the sections and sound bites it comes up with.
    This recruiting is never mentioned in the Business plan. The only statement covering this is:-
    “Provide a PDS operating model which is consistent with the restructured criminal defence market;”

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