Spot The Difference 

Do you like those games where you have to ring the changes between two superficially similar pictures? Well compare the new EX506 Family Advocacy Form issued today  with a 2012 version (or even see if you can do it without looking at the old one). There is a raft of other forms changes mandatory from […]

Compare and Contrast 

60 is perhaps a more compelling anniversary to celebrate. This is how the LSC website looked back then. Click on the anniversary logo and you find even more content. You would not know it was the 65th anniversary from a look at the LAA site today Part of those earlier celebrations included the reintroduction of […]

Tender Opportunity 

I had the “joy” of assisting with the completion of an ITT yesterday. “What”, I hear you exclaim, “have I missed an LAA bid round?” I can assure you, you have not. No it was another public sector body seeking to purchase legal services. In truth this was a significantly more demanding exercise than those […]

End of the Month? 

Well it is to me. How do I know? – well I get to do the wages and it is that time again. This month however I should receive another reminder. Once all other rumoured start dates for the Duty Contract bid rounds passed uneventfully “the end of the month” became a near certainty. We […]

Nice Day for a.. 

White wedding. I am off to one so watch something important happen. Laters (as I understand the young people say)  

Contract Manager says “No”. 

Dealing with another client query re post LASPO legal aid. The client wants a reference, not just an answer, because their Contract Manager says “No”. I suggest they quote answer to question 25 in the FAQ document. Dean is in the office and, like me, was Contract Manager in the olden days. “When you got […]

The State We Are In 

I do sometime wonder, because I write pieces like this, if we get especially punished by LAA operational problems. Then I speak to our clients and they face much the same and my paranoia subsides. In any event I try and keep this type of post to a minimum; I know it is not really […]


Anyone who has spoken to me on the subject, and there are plenty, will know that I don’t even like the word “consortia”. This has slipped into the legal aid lexicon however to describe this vague and ill-defined concept which may play an essential part in Duty Contract bidding. This document, from the CLSA is […]

Moving Target 

Failing a KPI for over 2 years. What do you think your Contract Manager would have to say; “Keep on trying guys I’m sure you are going to get there”? Don’t think so. This, however, is not just a KPI it is “contract performance target” It also involves not just a couple of bill rejects […]


It is another of those seasons of plenty regarding new music. And this after I have cut back on speculative purchases made on the basis of one song heard on the radio. I haven’t posted anything from the fantastic and genuinely intriguing new Manics album, “Futurology” yet, neither from Gruff Rhys’ excellent “American Interior” . […]