Duty Contract Bid Rounds

The information we are receiving is that the Duty Contract bid round will open next Monday – yes you read that right. There is, of course no advance documentation or any definitive indication as to the criteria – so if this is the case it will be a busy start to the week.

As per previous posts we are awaiting these announcements before indicating what assistance we will be able to offer bidding firms. You can expect something from us therefore, some time early in the 8-week proposed “window”.

There will certainly be an early Webinar on the topic and perhaps some old fashioned face-to-face sessions in hotel venues – though the pace of the process might preclude that.

We have a list of firms who have indicated an interest in instructing us – if you wish to be added to that list give is a ring. In the meantime lets just hope that common sense prevails, although this is looking increasingly unlikely.


In a number of conversations on this subject yesterday differing start dates have been suggested. Some are saying 14th July, others later in the month. I would be delighted with the latter. Any end up, its getting close and my September holiday plans looked scuppered.

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