2015 Duty Contracts – Webinar Training

This is a larger and more involved procurement round than Criminal Firms are familiar with and there is simply too much to cram into a single webinar session. Neither can we organise early face-to-face training as an alternative.

We are therefore preparing 2 complementary sessions which we will run for the first time on Thursday and Friday this week. Both will run at 1pm.

Thursday 4th December – The Background Knowledge

We will go through all the major concepts and rules surrounding submitting a bid and outline the selection process. The aim of the session is to help firms consider how to structure their bids and the key ideas involved in this.

Friday 5th December – Making a Successful Bid

The second session will concentrate on the detail of preparing a bid including financial information, scored elements of the bid, tie-breaker questions and “Award Criteria”. Our objective is to provide you with all the information necessary to maximise your bids scoring potential.

You can book, as usual, by ringing the office.

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