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Many of you are following our and TLS advice and continuing to work on your Duty Bids – essentially the free text answers to Tiebreak questions and the Award Criteria. I know because I am reading them.

We have also reminded people, through the alerts service,  not to let SQM/Lexcel accreditation slip off your radar. Sign up its free.

For the sake of clarity; even if the JR is successful you will require an externally accredited quality standard for your Own Client Contract. If you did this for Family a couple of years ago this probably comes up for 3-year renewal in 2015. The original deadline was 30th June this year (though with the contact extension there is a strong argument that it should, likewise, be put back until October).

You should work on this basis and begin preparation as early as possible.

Yes we can help – ring Andy on 07970 290036 for a chat.

We had planned to run our SQM Webinar Series  from early Jan however this too has been a casualty of this stop/start bid round. (You can have a recording and course notes for free if you have made a donation ot the Criminal Lawyers United fighting fund.)

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