2015 Duty Contracts Bid Round

You will all doubtless be aware of the state of play concerning dual contracts and the JR.

We have refrained from doing any significant preparatory work with clients; indeed we cannot make any progress on the e-portal at present. Some firms have progressed their written, free text answers to tiebreak and award criteria questions, others have awaited the outcome of the litigation.

After last weeks initial result we have been pushed by a number of clients to assist with a bit of cautionary preparation.

To this end anyone intending to seek our assistance should bidding become necessary and who would like to move their possible bid forward this week, should make contact.

We will send you a simple, personalised spreadsheet to collate essential data. This will speed the completion process should it recommence any time soon.

When making contact please specify in which Procurement Areas you intend to bid.

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