Don’t Forget SQM or Lexcel

I am starting to recover from the bid round and return once more to the normal world – which means self-verification of ancient family files.

I am also about to be dragged off the subs bench to undertake mock SQM audits. Which brings me to the point of this post. Please do not forget about your need for an external SQM audit or Lexcel in order to take up your Own Client Contract in January.

Having been out of it for a while one question; do we now have clear, unequivocal confirmation that the date to achieve this has been moved back in line with the contract extensions? (We have been trying to confirm this but can get nothing definitive).

Even if this is the case, and common sense dictates that it must be, January is not that far away. If it is July 1st then it is no time at all.

If you went through this for Family contracts in 2012 then your 3-year renewal deadline will also be fast approaching.

Either way this is now your next contract related task and sadly one you need to get moving on.

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