I woke to this story on 5 Live.

Here it is told on last nights C4 News.

It is the nightmare we all predicted during the LASPO debate, however this is a case where “I told you so” is entirely inappropriate. The twist is that the parents have only been vindicated due to the availability of Criminal Legal Aid and we all have predictions as to the future of that too.

There are countless injustices being perpetrated as a result of legal aid scope reduction and cuts. I have been working on the unfashionable area of Prison Law this week and the vast bulk of these aged cases are now out of scope. But who cares if serving prisoners don’t progress through their sentences at a proper pace and serve longer than they should? Well seemingly both Gove and the PM do if their conference speeches are any more than warm words and political maneuvering. Of course the former has the power now to begin to redress this justice gap. Sadly I do not feel inclined to hold my breath.

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