Festive Sauce for the Goose

I never sit awaiting appeal outcomes – if for no other reason than the pace with which they are progressed is far too random. So when one comes in I often can’t remember the original submissions and substantive arguments.

When todays result dropped I did expect a negative result as it predates this case.

I read the covering letter and we won 5 out of 6, the dropped one being a chancy means assessment argument in any event. Re reading the submissions it was a slightly perverse audit without the usual CLA 56 reps involved in the above mentioned case. Our first sentence gives you a flavor:

The preparation of these representations has proved difficult as the assessor is applying a fundamentally erroneous interpretation of contract.

Seemingly the ICA agreed.

This is another case where LAA management should revisit the assessment and

  • Clarify guidance to its audit team
  • Undertake corrective training and development with the staff involved
  • Go through a lengthy self-verification exercise of all similar audits involving the same staff

Can we anticipate any of this happening? I think you know the answer.

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