I recently discovered “Cigarettes after Sex” thanks to David Tennant (named after the petshop boy). The album of the same name is fab.


Came across this, which is just so effortlessly beautiful. It strongly reminds me of something I can’t quite grasp (and not the slightly Bon Iver feel).

Careful What You Wish For 

The LAA investigation in this case  has drawn a lot of comment. Highly respected legal journalist Fiona Bawden tweeted Crikey… I had to read this piece twice to get my head around the Legal Aid Agency’s jawdropping stupidity and incompetence…An extraordinary tale… The overwhelming response is similar – how could fraud of this scale take […]

Family Help Déjà Vu 

We have kept you up to date with the ongoing (never ending?) dispute about stand-alone breaches under the Criminal Contract. If there is a Family version of this it is the criteria for Level 2, Family Help (Public Law) claims. As you can see we last discussed this in 2016 at which point it was […]

Like Déjà Vu, All Over Again 

It is no surprise at all that one of the first queries of the New Year involves the, seemingly, never ending saga of the “stand alone breach”. Here is a previous consideration of the point from 2016. We had an equally unequivocal finding to that quoted in the above link, in support of our and […]