Beginnings (The First Minute of a New Day) 

I was nudged to listen to his final album “I’m New Here” last week. It’s a fantastic but very raw piece of work so when I went to search for it, I chose this, my favourite song of his, instead.

Darkest Hour of the Night 

Its Ash Wednesday next week. These guys have been churning out belters like this for over a quarter of a century all as fresh as the first time you heard them. They are a champions league live act too.

Fugitive Moon 

I planned to put the new Ash single up but there’s only an audio video or an acoustic version available. Will maybe save the latter for another day, it is Ash Wednesday soon. So here’s another Irish act, though you wouldn’t guess that.

Succeeding at Peer Reveiw 

Peer Review has proved a constant and very live presence in our world since it was “reinvented” a few years ago. By way of a snapshot here are the issues we have been dealing with this week News of a predicted Category 2 result from a longstanding client firm Preparation of course notes for an […]