Interim Payments of Crown Court Litigators Fees

See Section 1.17A of this guidance. CCFG version 1.11 – June 2019

This allows for 2 types of interim payment

  1. after a NG plea at a PTPH on, essentially, indictable matters*
  2. after a 10+ day trial has commenced (might be important after this weeks developments)

The value of 1 is 75% of a cracked trial fee based on served PPE. The value of 2 is a one day trial fee based on served PPE. You can’t claim 1 after you have claimed 2.

There are different rules for retrials.

These will be offset against the final claim.

It is relatively simple on line.

*This interim payment is not payable for either way offences where the defendant elected a Crown Court trial.

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