Quick “Lockdown” Tick List

We are still at work and able to advise on any of the following:

1          Look after yourselves, look after your staff

  • Follow government advice
  • We have a template “Home Working Policy” – just ask

Make this your priority and be sure everyone understands how this impacts upon their work roles.

2          Look after your clients

  • Work as remotely as possible
  • Avoid face-to-face contact
  • Take all appropriate precautions

3          Office Closures

  • Activate your Business Continuity Plan – if compatible with the above
  • Inform your Contract Manager (as per this LAA guidance) and explain your contingency plans

We think you are not at risk of notices or sanctions, despite the tone of LAA communication. At the very least, you can rely on both Contracts Standard Terms 30.6 (c)

4          Financial

  • LAA payment plans are yet to be released
  • Governmental support is listed here and here, with more details to follow
    • Job retention scheme
    • Small business rate relief £10k grant
    • VAT and tax deferrals

5          Legal Aid Payments

  • Civil payments on account
  • Crown Court litigators fee interim payments
  • Crown Court Hardship payments
  • Get on top of outstanding billing (subject to the above)

LAA processing is obviously likely to be affected by the new measures, but you may wish to consider use of the above options.

6          Compliance Issues

This may provide an opportunity to get on top of Lexcel/SQM and other compliance issues much of which can be done via conference calls.

  • File reviews
  • Management Meetings, including the Annual Quality Review
  • Appraisals
  • Monitoring requirements

7          Be Imaginative and Productive

Brainstorm all those things you’ve said, “if only I have 5 minutes”, about and then do them!

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