Covid 19 Lockdown Update

Firstly and most importantly we hope that you and all your people are safe and well – we are and are working to remain so.

This is just a brief note to update you as to the main areas of concern we are assisting firm with at present. We have always offered a Free Telephone Advice Service so please use this even if only for us to act as a sounding board.

Running your firm

Apart from sharing our experience of the general support available at this time we have assisted with issues ranging from the furlough of supervisors and Duty Solicitors to providing “working from home policies”. We have a good feel for tech tools and can offer suggestions on what seems to work.

Working with the LAA

There have been one or two areas of friction to date – do run what you intend to propose to your Contract Manager past us first if that would help.

Remote Audits

We have put out detailed advice in this regard – if you have not seen this and would like some guidance, mail or call and we can provide this. Seeking a postponement as an alternative which is also being favourably treated.

Working with clients

There are many issues, digital signatures, claims for “remote” work and domestic abuse evidence amongst them. Save yourself the time of trawling the LAA website and just give us a quick call.

Most of all stay safe and well

All at JRS

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