New York Morning 

I didn’t like this much when it was the first release from the Elbow’s “The Take Off and Landing of Everything”. In the context of the album my view has reversed. They are not a singles band I guess. This is a great return to form after the patchy “Rocket”. 2 quick questions for fellow […]

Fly Boy Blue / Lunette 

Elbow are about to return with their follow up to “Build a Rocket Boys”, their only patchy release to date. I have listened to, and chosen this, rather than the single, “New York Morning” in the hope that this is more indicative of the album. (I wonder if “I Am Kloot” will get a Hat […]

Someone’s Daughter 

With no new releases I’m interested in so far this year I’ve opted for something from the past (though I though about this excellent collaboration between Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas) Beth Orton was clearly something of a pioneer and now the world now littered with not so good folk/pop tribute acts. For some reason […]

Mid Air 

If this is in the record shop it will be this weeks CD purchase (I regard Amazon as a last resort). It is a collection of painfully beautiful, minimalist songs by the former front man of the Blue Nile, Paul Buchanan. Even Jools can’t spoil this live version;


I came by this, as I often do nowadays, on the Radcliffe and Maconie afternoon show on 6 Music. I also discuss below the “non-coincidence” of it turning up at Caught by the River. I like it a lot, all the more because they are Scandinavian which proves the enduring international power of County music. […]

Feel To Follow 

Heard the Maccabees talking on the Radio (you know which show by now). They played this and Pelican, I have bought the album and “borrowed” the first 2 – which I will also buy if I like them. I think that this is wonderful;

A Design for Life 

Manics tomorrow night, dragging Mrs SP so here is her favourite track, she particularly likes the first line too;

Song from Under the Floorboards 

Magazine were undoubtedly my favourite band during the late 70s and early 80s, and have never dropped too far away from that position. Never got to see them in their pomp but am dragging Mrs SP up to Newcastle to see them on Monday (hoping she might drive for a change too).

Tamer Animals 

Bigger piece on Other Lives below this is the title track of their latest; Just spotted that they are in London on November 21st and Brighton on 22nd. Southern clients, and Eve, take note.

A Creature I Do Not Know 

Belated Friday Song by Laura Marling who we saw on Friday night. Now don’t get me wrong a Cathedral is a lovely venue and has lots to recommend it for ambiance etc. However, queueing for early entry (unallocated seats), a long wait for the support act on very uncomfortable seats, no bar, obvious acoustic difficulties, […]